I Turn Jimmy Diresta's Ice pick into a Miniature SWORD

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In this video I steal Jimmy Diresta’s famous ice pick and go through a whole lot of dukey to turn it into a beautiful miniature sword. Then I mail it to him :) Yaaay!
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    • What the song u used 12:54 it's really catchy

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    • 2:49 bobby:reeeeEeEEeEEEEeeEEEEE

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  • not if you ave cancer

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  • 6:26 Oh hey I work at Whataburger :)

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  • 5:03 get stickbugged

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  • hallo ich deutsch

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  • 5:02 “get stuck bugged”

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  • 5:03 get stickbuged lol

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  • 5:03 Get stick bugged lol

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  • Omg when he was seeing when Joanna he has a spider on his finger ewww

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  • W E W D

  • 0:24 why do I actually agree? 👁 👄


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  • Micheal Reeves: I lOvE your vIdEoS?

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  • Wait the T-Series vs Pewdiepie was 2 years ago? Jesus Christ..

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  • 8:51 less goo (Dababy reference)intensifies

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  • My goodness... it's so weird seeing you with a trimmed beard, Bobby.

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  • 5:02

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  • hey, bobby dukes art, bobby duke here

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  • omg- this was during the pewds v tseries era

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  • Bobby: if everyone one donates 1 dollar to my patron ill have a million dollars :000 Me, whose current balance is -25 dollars: _cries softly_

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  • I have an ad blocker but it never blocks people being sponsored.

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  • aaaaasaasdgnhfghlgfdgfhgjkhl;hgfdhghjlkjhgxzkjhl;"LKHGxyo;hiub bhvu tfty cfrtnhjmm, n7t6g7b iugb fcvhyui

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  • are you in texas?

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  • Bobby’s maniacal laugh when he stole the pick made me laugh harder then anything in existence

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  • "This is the crusible" Doom music intensefies (sorry for bad grammar iam german :P)

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  • Do not steel

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  • Water works out to be approximately 25.4 billion grit.

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