I carve a crow skull pendant entirely from PAiNT!

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Hi diddly ho people of earth!
If you would like a chance to win either of the two pieces I'm giving away, come see me at Maker's Central! Oh and check out my buddies channels
Love you guys :)
Carl Jacobson- amwine.info
NZ Woodturning- goo.gl/B6K6GN
Maker's Central website- www.makerscentral.co.uk/
My Mailbox ;)
Bobby Duke
9463 Benbrook Blvd. #1135
Benbrook, TX 76126
Instagram- @bobbydukearts
Twitter- @BobbyDukeArt
All of the music I used I found on audioblocks.com
song names in order of appearance-
"Take it from me"
"Mumbai Skyline"
"Ice cold Hip Hop" (Crow caw rap)
"Big hip-hop Orchestra"

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    • has like an acre of land, decides to use motorbike on it

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  • who else thought he meant karl jacobs from the dream smp?

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  • Why is it a stereotype that homeschooled kids are dumb? I was homeschooled, and I taught myself How to read!

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  • do ned flanders voice for the entire vid pls

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  • I never get tired of your videos bro! (Bogle)

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  • He is such a dad

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  • wow so many good jammos

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  • Hi Bobby 🙂

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  • to somebody that disliked this: Please axplain why you dont find this INCREDIBLE.

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  • 2:35 More cute things!!!! 2018 - Bobby Duke arts

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  • 2:08 why does he Never where Gloves and he has been cut So many times

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  • Nice pyjama s🤣

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  • I'm coming!!

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  • IDK he seems to wierd on some of the stuff

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  • @dobbyduke

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  • i love how you say "wood" like "wewd"! ur personality is amazing and fun, i love your channel so mcuh! :D have a great year

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  • if you haven't read it somewhere else, turn on closed captions. Made my week! Love the carvings!

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  • I belive this was the first video I watched of yours'

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  • Lol I like the different accents

  • Number one rule of wood shop is keep your pecker away from the belt sander. Sorry teach.

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  • Fordite

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  • pov: you dont have captions on wondering why ppl are laghing at him riding the scooter

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  • I’ve cold hip hop (crow caw) is not on iTunes, where can I get that shit damn it!?

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  • Yeah, I'd say you did Carl proud. These were beautiful pieces to start with, and you absolutely did them justice. Great show.

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  • pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do a guitar pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

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  • You're so funny doing your Arts✨in your Pj pants HeHe 😆

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  • I like his attitude and vibes

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  • So beautiful

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  • WaIt YoU hAvE a MaSk YoU kNeW tHaT cOaRoAnA wAs InCoMiNg

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  • PAiNT

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  • Why is your grass so dead

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  • cAW

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  • This is cool! What dremel do you use? Looking to buy one but there are so many with mixed reviews!

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  • 6:09 i love the captions

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  • My man was wearing masks 2 years before they were obligated and yall still whining about the slight inability to breathe

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  • i come aut off Gernany bat i love you video and you arts frendly news Sophie

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  • Awesome art again - love the crow skull and crow music throughout!

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  • U rock bud.

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  • I missed Bobby's Energy, I'm glad I came back to the channel.

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  • Bobby: "my good friend carl jacobs-" me: "wait what, bobby's friends with karl jacobs?" Bobby: "-on" me: *"oh."*

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  • OMG! I want that rainbow hat! It’s amazing! Where did you get it? Please..

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  • Und 5:04 XD

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  • I wish I’d found your channel 2 years ago😭 I’ve not long lost my rescue jackdaw and she was incredible ✨🥰 this would have been amazing thing to win💖🥰

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  • I wanna know about that awesome rainbow hat! Are there no other crocheters lurking on art channels like me? No?.... Ok I'll show myself out....

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  • I need that

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  • So no one gonna talk about in the word paint how the “I” is lower case and nothing else is?

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  • 5:40 that actually made me jump

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  • something kewl!!!!! With penciles and wewd and eyemagination

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  • I love how he makes it funny

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  • 6:08 watch with captions

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  • Did anyone else think Skeksis on the thumbnail?

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  • But it’s 2021 😢

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  • when I see: I want that skull I realize just in the UK... (I live in Germany) THEN I realized this video ist almost 2 Years old -now im sad- :(

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  • Dude you are skilled

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  • Why is this beat so hard 😆

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  • i like u

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  • 6:37 - perfect form.

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  • Imagine we go extinct and in the future another intelligent species takes over and his art is the last thing left of the human race

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  • Hold on a second, what kind of bike is that 😂

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  • Loove

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  • The person who made the English undertexts mad respects to you, I can’t, that was so funny lmao especially the wild bobby duke😂😂

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  • We made something somewhat similar in art class in 7th grade(which was like 25 years ago...). We would layer a bunch of colored construction paper then cut it out and sand it to expose the layers, then put an epoxy/varnish over it. It was pretty cool actually.

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  • I feel bad for people who dont watch with subtitles

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  • Any human in 2020..?

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  • That was some beautiful work! As always. I was just a bit sad to see all the paint dust out in the nature...

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  • Bobby I am your father

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  • The lacking store surely employ because worm intralysosomally look sans a wise lake. sharp, nappy snail

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  • time stamp 2:35 be like . . . . CRINGRY

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    • Ok so...

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  • Hey every body subscribe to samuep dunlap the one who has likw a manican face as his icon thingy one of hismvids isnthe cleaning timelapse and a brand new one coming soon

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  • Do you keep the art or sell Them,Bobby Duke Arts?

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  • OH GOSH the editor for the subtitles is hilarious. love the vid and the songs and all the crazy fun

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  • Who else just.... Wants to kill a giraffe?..heh heh *thanks bobby* *this is for people who know A.S.L*

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    Moxcii_Vid21Moxcii_Vid215 ամիս առաջ
  • That German accent is hilarious!

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  • Hey Bobby YOU ARE AMAZING AND YOU ARE THE BEST DAD EVER keep boing what you do bobby

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  • Holy shit this stuff Is twice as expensive as silver (per gram that is)

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  • If only Bob Ross was still alive

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