I Carve Hands holding a Bucket from a bloke of Wewd (Part 1)

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Yaaaay! Thank you so much to Arbortech for sponsoring this video!
I'm serious guys, their tools are amazing and made it SO much easier to carve this piece. Please go check them out and buy all of their tools :)
Here are the links to everything:
 TURBO Plane: bit.ly/2BBrp58
 Mini TURBO: bit.ly/2BtRh2L
 Contour Sander: bit.ly/2BBpHR9
 Mini Grinder (will direct to new Mini Carver): bit.ly/2Bzf5lD
 Power Chisel: bit.ly/2BtRLWD
 TURBO Shaft: bit.ly/2BASm8T
 Trade Blade: bit.ly/2BtRYsT
 Industrial Woodcarver: bit.ly/2BzH84m
 Ball Gouge: bit.ly/2BAKl3J
Alright guys. In this video I show you how to carve two hands holding a bucket. But thats not all! "something" will be splashing out of the bucket, but you'll have to wait for part 2 to see what it is and how I do it :) Love you guys
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  • Ok, this is probably never gonna get read cuz this video is 2 years old or so... but I had to tell you. You got a subscribed from me because of the lady bug airplane noise. Actually made me laugh out loud... legit lol

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